American Bulldogs


We chose Havok to sire her first litter for several reasons...

1. Temperament on both dogs is outstanding! Havok is the most confident dog in the world and both dogs very friendly with people but have natural guardian tendencies. Both are high drive but Eevee has an off-switch and I hope her puppies get that as well because it makes owning and training her a dream:) I love intelligent dogs and both of these dogs are highly intelligent.

2. Havok is a little easty/westy and Eevee's front is as straight as they come! When paired with straight females, the majority of Havok's pups ended up with straight fronts.

3. Eevee has a nice, correct bully bite, however I would like it to be tighter. Havok's bite is tight, so I hope the pups will be as well.

4. Both dogs are good breathers and live outside in the Arkansas weather 24/7 (of course with adequate shelter and we provide heating/cooling as needed for extreme weather;)

5. Eevee's structure is about as close to perfect as I could ask for and while Havok has decent structure and angulation, in my opinion, his stifle is a tad too long, so I'm hoping her angulation gets passed on to the pups.

6. Eevee's mom(Supreme Gr. CH. Rita) is a Caleb daughter and she has that nice, round head that we like. Crossing Eevee to Havok is almost a total outcross EXCEPT for his Caleb blood, so I'm really hoping that taking Eevee to Havok should get us those big ol' basketball heads that we adore along with the hybrid vigor of an outcross;)

Ch. havok x jr. ch. eevee
 (ICH/NCL CLEAR)                  (ICH/NCL CLEAR)

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